The Local Fish Wrapper

Disappointed in our local fishwrapper.  They’ve had a few good bloggers for the town of Henrietta but then one mysteriously disappeared (forgot the name and can’t locate it anywhere on their site) and then the most recent one,  Jody (?), stepped down over a year ago and they have yet to replace her.  Instead the only coverage we get is about finances screwed up by the last Town Supervisor which I will say was pretty well written.  When do we rate to have our own blogger again?  You’re telling me noone is interested?  I doubt that very much.

As to the Town Supervisor: Jack Moore.

Everyone I know who has met him says he has a good head on his shoulders.  He is open to discussion and seems to be interested in making positive change in the town.  Will be interested in reading or hearing his first State of the Town address.

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